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Subantarctic fur seal a long way from home

Subantarctic fur seal a long way from home

In early September PWS Wildlife Ranger Adam Scurrah received a call from Van Diemen Aquaculture indicating that they had found a seal (suspected Australian fur seal pup) near their salmon fish farm lease in the Tamar.

img_7299They kindly collected it and met Adam at the Launceston Veterinary Clinic for assessment.img_7309

The seal was no more than 20kgs, and had an injured right eye, but after a check-up the vet gave it some antibiotics and was happy for it to be released, as seals are quite capable of surviving in the wild with superficial wounds.

After consultation with Kris Carlyon from the Marine Conservation Program, the seal turns out to be a recently weaned Subantarctic fur seal. These animals are rarely seen this far north and are listed as Endangered in Tasmania. The closest breeding colony is on Macquarie Island.

The animal was held overnight and released at a beach within the Narawntapu National Park on Friday happily swimming away.img_7306