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Stranded Minke rescued at Bicheno

Stranded Minke rescued at Bicheno

The DPIPWE Marine Conservation Program (MCP) has enjoyed a big win with the successful re-floating of a dwarf minke whale off rocks near Bicheno in early September.

The juvenile whale became stranded on Diamond Island and the incident was reported to MCP biologists via the Whale Hotline.

The whale is cradled in a rescue tarp as it adjusts to re-entry into the water at Bicheno

The whale is cradled in a rescue tarp as it adjusts to re-entry into the water at Bicheno

Locals did a fantastic job keeping it cool and wet while waiting for help to arrive.

It was moved into deeper water using specialised equipment and a police vessel.

Once released the whale responded immediately and swam away strongly. Checks of local beaches the following morning found no sign of the whale, helping to confirm the rescue’s success.

The success of the mission was posted on the #WhalesTas Facebook page, boosting its “likes” to 1,000 since the page was started in May this year. Just the Bicheno rescue alone attracted about 200 extra “likes”.

The whale’s good condition and rapid response following re-float suggests this stranding was likely due to misadventure rather than an underlying health issue.

The MCP was aware of minke whales were in the Bicheno area. A group of at least seven minkes were reported feeding off the Freycinet Peninsula the previous day.

Dwarf minke whales are currently travelling south from the Great Barrier Reef through Tasmanian waters to their summer feeding grounds in the Southern Ocean.

Rapid reporting was key to the success of the rescue effort, footage of which can be seen here.

The MCP thanks the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Tasmania Police, Surf Life Saving Tasmania, Diamond Island Resort, Par Avion and local residents for their assistance and support.

Report whale and dolphin sightings and strandings to the Hotline (0427 WHALES)